*Anastasia Chuguncalieva designs
interfaces, systems and products that are
easy to use, accessible and enjoyable.

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Sugarwish - “A choose your-own-candy adventure”

Enhancing the UX part where the gift-receiving customer starts using the website/app.

Accessible and compact-Ljubljana Public Transport

Creating a better UX using the Design Sprint phases.

Brainster Talent Market

Creating a Talent Market website for Brainster and their HR department.

Bak Logistics - “You imagine, we deliver. “

Building transport and logistics website from scratch.

About Me

Hey, I’m Anastasia!

I am a UX/UI designer on a journey. I am excited about intelligent, truthful, and sustainable design projects. Always happy to work with people from different backgrounds and different fields. I worked on several projects till now and I love what I do.

My primary mission is to make navigating a website, app, or other digital products easy for users. I am accentuating on consistency, hierarchy, engagement, and accessibility.

I successfully finished Brainster Academy for UX/UI Design and I attended a ten-day boot camp for UX Design Fundamentals at Povio.