Bak Logistics

Designing a web platform from scratch

BAK Logistics is an innovative and sustainable startup company that was established in 2021 and deals with all kinds of logistics problems. They include transportation of goods by land, air, and water, as storage and forwarding services. Since BAK Logistics is relatively new on the market, I faced a problem that it should break into the market and become recognizable. Realizing that the company has not yet built an image for the brand in the market I decided that the brand should be of a reliable and trustworthy character. Not having a brand image can cause the company to appear not serious, not legitimate, and not credible. It was necessary for the user of this product, the clients of BAK Logistics, to find reliable, true, and sufficient information related to the company itself. It was also necessary to achieve new customers with the help of marketing methods that would increase the entire development of the company, thus the trust among them.

Not having specific and clear wishes and ideas about exactly what the client wants and how he wants the whole concept to look, I was guided by instinct and let my creativity came to light.

The working process and actions taken

With the team, we made a mood board that helped us brainstorm the process. First, we started with the slogan that reads: You imagine we transport, which is quite easy to remember and pronounce. Then we decided on a simple, modern, but also strong palette of colors to represent the brand. We also discovered the three most crucial questions, about who the company is, what the company is, and why the company exists, and by answering them we got our core values, which we later inserted on the website. Doing the wireframes we decided to insert the most important information about the company in several sections, such as: What we offer, Core values, How we do it, Latest news, and Newsletter. We also decided that the website should have a striking appearance and keep the user on it. That's why we went for an animated hero section where we also presented what this company offers. One of the most important things when creating the website was that on every page we put a button to access Contact Us and the Newsletter. With this, we let users know that we are always here for them, ready for cooperation.

My takeaway

This was one of the biggest hackathons hosted by Brainster, which involved three academies. The whole project timeline was three days. One of the biggest barriers we faced was working with the graphic designer team. They weren't communicating well and overall didn't adjust to the group collaboration we were supposed to do.

I learned through this project that not always your team will work very well together. You have to learn to adjust and work with compromise. Working with two other academies was a lot to process, but at the end of the day, collaboration is something you have to learn in this sphere.

You can check the whole case study on the following link.